8 Spot on ways to spot a Fake Rolex


Rolex is not just another Watch. It’s a treasure and every watch lover knows it.

It’s classy, stylish, expressive, attractive, legendary and more to go. Rolex watches has always been more than a brand. It probably is everyone’s dream watch.

Given Rolexes’ rich heritage, the fakes have also made its way. Unfortunately they do give good profit to the unscrupulous sellers. And Rolex floods the black market, of it’s selling power. And these creators make a fake so flawlessly.

There are chances, you may end up with a fake one. But with a good background research you can spot a Fake pretty easily. Check out how to spot a fake Rolex.

1.Check the back

real-vs-fake-rolex-caseback wrist worldThe back is smooth and simple. Though there are engravings on the back. It is made to be smooth, to soothe the skin.

And its metal, good old metal.

2.The Movement

rolex-explorer__89048It’s Mechanical and it slides. The mechanical movement is smooth, unlike the Quartz movement.

Fakes have the Quartz movement. Making a mechanical piece is art. Look out for the second hand to ensure the smooth glide.

3.The Crown is Dominant

Rolex watches have an etched Crown logo above the 6 o’clock mark. It’s etched and can’t be done precisely by the fakers.

Look in through the magnifying glass to spot this bunny.

4.The Case Reference Number

serials1a wrist worldEach part is unique about a Rolex. Even the case speaks. They have a case reference number and a serial number, on the sides of the case.

With the website and other authentic tools, these can be cross referenced to check the authenticity and the date of manufacture of the Rolex

5. The PaperWork

Rolex fake or originalIt’s simple and basic, don’t get excited when getting a Rolex. Instead ask for the papers.

Rolex always comes with papers. It’s a certification of authenticity. And has other intrinsic details. Never accept any Rolex without the papers.

6.The Date

Date find in watchThe date window is magnified by 2.5X of its normal size with Cyclops. This is exclusive for Rolex with date window.

It’s highly difficult for forgers to get 2.5X magnification. Every tiny details matters in a Rolex

7.The Weight of Rolex

Rolex uses high quality machineries. They are hard to get and are manufactured by the company itself.

If a Rolex is light, it should definitely be put under a microscope. The forgers use low quality builds to make one.



An original Rolex scores in details. It is so minute and precise. It the masterpiece of art. The hands, winders, chains, backgrounds everything has a texture and detail.

The fakes look plain, simple. The textures and specific strokes are hard to come by.

Rolex is the most forged watch out in market. It’s always a good choice to get it from Authorised showrooms. This in a way helps you feel safe and satisfied.



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