Best Tips To Take Care Of Rolex

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“A crown for every achievement” the tagline precisely sums up Rolexes credibility. Rolex is the most fashionable luxury watch brand. Rolex has a monstrous reach across all age groups. It has etched a name for itself, that many companies are strive to obtain.

Rolex is a platinum standard among watches. It’s a mechanical marvel and is known for its craftsmanship. It has to be safeguarded and preserved with utmost care. Because Rolex comes for a lifetime, little care must be taken.

1.Old School Wash

            Yes, you heard it right. Wearing a Rolex regularly can make it look pale. Dirt affects the appearance of the watch. It should have a legitimate customary wash, for the glow. Rolex is generally waterproof up to 300m.


Follow these steps for a proper wash

  • Wash the hand, to remove excess dirt and oil.
  • Double check the winding crown, ensure it’s solid. Water may get in, through the crown; if not tight.
  • Use lukewarm water and ammonia free soap. Rinse and gently soap the exterior.
  • Have soft brush to clean off the bracelet link. It may have some tough dirt to work on.
  • Rinse with clean water, over and over.
  • Gently pat dry with a soft cloth. Use blow dryer to dry the bracelet link.

2. Sport it


Best Tips To Take Care Of Rolex  – What’s wrong in flaunting a valued possession? Rolexes are meant to be flaunted. And it in a way helps to keep the watch alive. Most Rolex being mechanical; needs to be worn to be alive.

It needs to be constantly in motion to be running. Being mechanical it is made of many tiny mechanical parts and is coated with lubricants. Keeping it aside to use for occasions can congeal the lubricants. Remember to adjust and wind it once in a week or two days once.

3. Wind the Rolex

Winding keeps Rolex going. The perpetual movement avoids the need to wind the watch. Place Rolex on a flat surface to wind. The Rolex has a mechanism to avoid overwinding. After winding, the screw must be placed in the crown.

Never wind the Rolex while wearing. Give it some time after winding to start. It may take a few extra seconds to start. Don’t shake it, give a tap.

4. No scratches


Best Tips To Take Care Of Rolex  – Scratches are common in any watch and Rolex is no exception. And one has to avoid scratches. Place the Rolex in cushioned watch box. The bracelet should not collide with the glass. Bracelet tends to make scratches when the watch is mishandled. Polish it professionally; once a month. Use prescribed chemicals to polish it. Never use ordinary chemicals on Rolex surface. Service it once a year for extended life.

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