Tips for Maintaining a Luxury Watch


Luxury watches are clearly more than a Time indicator. They are of high importance to people owning them. It can be sentimental, traditional or even royal. A watch can clearly Quote your social status. It has become a gesture of Royalty. The watches do tell about the person more. It exposes his social status, integrity, awareness and grit. 

“A watch is one of the most important things you buy, it says a lot about a person –

Giorgio Armani”

With that being said, there are certain things to be followed to maintain as well

  1. Read the Manual

            The Watch manual is not to be thrown away or to be kept under the box. It has to read just like any other book. It comes directly from the manufacturer. And each manufacturer has a different way on his own. Read it carefully. A luxury watch is a huge investment, so why not follow what the maker says.


  1. Store it in the Watch box

            It’s enough said, let the box be in its womb. No amount of different boxes are gonna hold your luxury wear, than its own box. Place it carefully after use in its own nest.


  1. Wear it is regularly

Flaunt your watch like a Viking, brave and bold. Use your watch as often as possible. It is definitely not meant to sleep in the wardrobe. Be proud of what you wear.


  1. Clean it

            Use recommended cleaners, always use a soft watch cloth to dust if off. Please don’t use any polishes other than the recommended, to have a great shelf life.


  1. Service Regularly

            Despite hard efforts, it’s always advisable to service a watch regularly. Watches need a specialist’s care. So make sure to call us any time to fix the issues. You know we are the experts.

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  1. No Magnets

            Watches are highly made of magneto materials. Bringing them often near a magnetic field, can have a delay in time precision. Do you want to stay behind?

  1. Avoid Chemicals

Chemicals severely damage the watch, unless mentioned upon. Don’t risk the Time. Avoid harsh chemicals; place your watch in safety before using chemicals. Even cologne can have effects on watch, they do contain chemicals. Watch your watch when you spray.


  1. Don’t ever crack open

You could have seen lot of videos on Opening the watches, but trust me; it doesn’t end well. There are specialist around there for these jobs. Be it dust or minor issues, never open it yourself. A luxury watch contains lot of dedicated parts that are so rare. And negligence can damage them. 

Do follow these tips to have a great Watch Life.

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