Top 10 Casio Watches for Men

One of the most well known Japan – based brand, Casio is known for its resilience and precision. The way the brand infuses innovation, technology, and style into one timepiece is commendable and a must have accessory in your wardrobe. There is something unique and handsome about the watches they offer with features that would blow your mind. And so, we decided to make a list of top 10 Casio watches for men that never disappoint with their high-performance and checks all the boxes.

Below are the top 10 Casio Men’s watches that we chose from their wide range of collections:

#1  Casio DW9052-1BCG Men’s ‘G-Shock

          A watch from the brand’s most popular collection, is a timepiece that is a perfect blend of features and fashion. Built while keeping skaters and surfers in mind, this watch is a sturdy piece of work that tracks down time to the minute and a smaller stopwatch tracks your results down to 1/100 of a minute.

Shock resistant and waterproof to a depth of 200 meters makes it durable in the toughest of conditions. The four basic buttons around the face makes it simple to use along with its electro- luminescent backlight let’s see you in the darkest of nights.

Casio DW9052-1BCG Men’s ‘G-Shock - Wrist World

#2 Casio Protrek PRG-600Y-1CR 

This round-shaped watch from the Protrek series comes with high-contrast, slim, and simple dial that is perfect for outdoors as well as daily use. With mind blowing features like altimeter data memory, luminous hands and markers, world time, stopwatch and many more features that make this rugged solar-powered watch the perfect accessory to compliment your wardrobe.

Casio Protrek PRG-600Y-1CR - wrist world

#3 Casio PAG240-1CR Men’s Pathfinder 

Love hiking in the wild? There’s no better companion than Casio’s Pathfinder with a load of features that compliment the outdoor adventures. It is a waterproof watch packed with an altimeter, 31 different time zones, a barometer, support for 5 different daily alarms, as well as a thermometer that helps you on your adventures.

Not only does its auto-calendar helps you schedule all the way to 2099 but its backlight shows you the light on the darkest of times. It’s worth updating your wardrobe for!

Casio PAG240-1CR Men’s Pathfinder - Wrist World

#4 Casio W-800H-1AVCF Sport Watch 

Though this doesn’t have a fancy name like its contemporaries, but it’s one of the best cheap Casio watches that comes with a wide range of fascinating features. It’s the perfect adornment for regularly travelling with a 10 year battery life and a sturdy band that holds its form even in extreme situations. Not only does it come with an LED backlight, but you can also set your time to military or standard formats. It’s one that lasts long and perfect for your everyday use.

Casio W-800H-1AVCF Sport Watch - Wrist World

#5 Casio MRW200H-1BV Analog Dive Watch 

Casio watches are not just for one sport, but all adventures that excite you. Casio MRW200H-1BV Analog Dive Watch is perfect for recreational divers. It’s Japanese quartz movement along with mineral dial window and its waterproof feature helps produce precise results even under water. A simple glance is enough to know the time because of its clear and bright hands and numbers. Its strong and sturdy craftsmanship sets it apart from the others.

Casio MRW200H-1BV Analog Dive Watch - Wrist World

#6 Casio GA 100-1A1 Military Series 

The name itself gives it the rugged feels and implies that this is built to withstand all of the wear and tear it faces. The cluttered dials and black frame can be a little confusing at first, but this design is at G-Shock’s heart. The design philosophy called “Triple 10” that went into the making of the watch makes sure that it can withstand 200 meters of water resistance and ten meters of free fall which lasts for 10 years on a single battery. It is one of the hardiest watches that Casio offers.

Casio GA 100-1A1 Military Series - Wrist World

#7 Casio MDV106-1A Black Analog 

Casio has a reputation for making watches that are more practical than they are aesthetically pleasing. Well, this is one of the few watches that favours both. Its stylish designed numbers and markers to its bold black sheen of the face makes it clear that it is more of a style statement than anything else. With a secure bezel and the face that is made of mineral glass along with high level of water resistance, its accuracy is what you can expect from any Casio watches. It’s a sharp timepiece that should definitely make its way into your closet.

Casio MDV106-1A Black Analog - Wrist World

#8 Casio CA53W-1 Databank Watch 

The simple retro look is one of the many reasons that this watch has made its way on the list. Databank watch is one of the very few high-quality calculator watches in the market. With Casio’s promise and quality, the buttons are tactile, responsive, and made to last for a long time. The water shell makes it a good companion to take it to the ocean and/or the pool along with a battery that lasts up to 5 years and dual time support makes for a gorgeous adornment that compliments you.

Casio CA53W-1 Databank Watch- Wrist World

#9 Casio MTD-1079D-1AVCF Super Illuminator

This chic and handsome looking timepiece is the perfect accessory for those with poor night vision as well as those who adore snorkelling and/or diving because of its strong as well as powerful illuminator backlighting and its high level of water resistance. A sturdy stainless steel bracelet along with the Japanese quartz movement that ensures precise and resilient performance. Further, the simple yet bold color scheme of silver, black, and white compliments any and every outfit.

Casio MTD-1079D-1AVCF Super Illuminator - Wrist World

#10 Casio Men’s Edifice EF527D-1AV Stainless Steel 

Last but definitely not the least. This elegant timepiece with a range of dials and a stainless steel band and shell makes it one of the best Casio watches for men. Despite of the many components in the face, it manages to give a clear result. The Edifice is built while keeping micro manages in mind, that compliments the boardroom talks as much as the tracks. The slide-rotating inner bezel helps it to manage time more accurately and the chronograph function empowers it to double as a pilot watch which adds on to its charm.

Finding the perfect Casio can be overwhelming and exhausting due to the various series of watches it has to offer. So, an attempt was made to help you choose a watch that compliments your needs!

Casio Men’s Edifice EF527D-1AV Stainless Steel - Wrist World

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