Top 4 Watches for Father’s Day – A Father’s Day Surprise


Father’s Day might be new to our tradition, especially in Tamil Nadu. And it doesn’t mean we have to stay away and look irrelevant. After all, father is the one person we look forward to. And Chennai has always been the cosmopolitan trendsetter. With Father’s day around the corner. Why not treat him with time that makes sense.

Every Father would like to flaunt his mane. With a bit of a classic touch, he becomes the King. So gift your King with the best watches.

Since he’s the best, choose the best collectibles. You can get the best right here in Chennai. Means get in the car, put the seat belts and drive to Wrist World

For the typical Tamil Father

Father’s like to go Old School and sometimes still stay Old School. It does not mean they are outdated. It means, they want to be the best and use the best. And a typical Chennai/ Tamil father is all spiritual, chest up and walks with dhoti. They would want to be sparkly yet simple. So get in the gold shades. They would love it. Plus it makes them look magnificent.

Longines leads the race, when it comes Old School. Even your great grandpa’s ears would have heard about them. They are the Classic.



For the classy Rugged Father

            Chennai/Tamil fathers have the tint of ruggedness yet classy. They instill the fear with the looks. They don’t need a three piece suite to show off their swag. Most of the Chennai/Tamil houses have him.

For the Man of Steel, present a Steel case from the renowned Rado. And Rado will be a synonym for him. The Hyperchrome series from Rado, makes the perfect fit. Steel with blue, will propel all the blues around.



For the Father, who still keeps his calories in check

            Getting old, doesn’t mean people should take rest. This holds true for the Sporty Father. He never takes rest. And can even make the youngsters give a run for the money. Running and being sporty makes his day. There is no stopping him. So compliment him with a best classy sports watch.

Casio can never take a seat back, when it comes to sporty watches. And G557 ups the level. It’s has bluetooth and perfectly syncs with your phone to play, rock and run.


For the minimalist Father

            He’s so simple, elegant, and everyone wants to be him. He’s the inspiration around and spreads the aroma of josh. And he’s so minimalist to the core. That makes him more unique. He’s soft, but philosophical. His words will definitely ring bells. Reward him for all the work with a minimalist design.

Tissot for the perfect gentleman. It’s Swiss and it connects with all being minimalist. A silverish dial with a brown strap can bring the oneness.


Make this Father’s day most memorable.

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