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how to make rolex watch steps

Watches have traveled way long, they exhibit the richness and heritage of a person and taste. To make it simple enough, it defines a person. It’s a must, to know about all the intrinsic details of the watch. A watch is a machine, the more you care; the more it works. 

The Wristwatch has everything more about “tik tik tik” and straps. Movement is much more an important factor in deciding a watch. Movement is more about the flow of the watch’s hand and the mechanism involving the move. 

Movements mostly decide about the cost factor. Major brands term themselves as “Manufacturers.” They make their own movement, that makes the brand unique; Which makes the branded watches more expensive. It’s more like a custom made vehicle. 

Movement usually is of three types




  1. Mechanical

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These are the oldest available since the dawn. The old nostalgic hand wound watches. It has more mechanical parts than the rest. Wound it daily and it’s ready to work. The luxury watches have made numerous commendable changes in these mechanical watches. It stands like a solid war veteran. The mechanical movement is most traditional and comes along vintage, collectible watches.

The Mechanical watch is like Big Ben, it wonderful, lovely, too mechanical, adorable, and highly in sync with history. You would love mechanical watches if you like and appreciate craftsmanship.


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-No battery

It’s mechanical! Its hand wound and it has springs and gears. Sounds cool right, Great Scott. When mainspring is wound, it slowly unwinds and makes the sweeping motion of the hands.

-Eye for detail

            It’s high class engineered make, it has a mainspring, crown, gear train, balance wheel, dial train, and even jewels. It has been designed with much complexity . It involves much craftsmanship. Mechanics perfect it after hours and hours of work. It’s a definite charm.

-It’s smooth

            There is no “tik tik tik” sound. It sweeps and flows like a river. Covering the watch area.

-There is life onto it

            You must wind to make it run. It brings out the life in you and reminds you of time, daily. It’s always precious.

how to make rolex watch steps

Give it a thought


            Yes, it does require wounding. If you are someone who hates this or feels it kills your time. Then it’s a No! 

-Not as accurate as others

It’s not accurate as a quartz since it involves much machinery inside. The time highly depends on the mainspring. It has a high maintenance. Has an accuracy of +/- 1 second a day. And the environmental factors also contribute to the accuracy. You need to service it carefully; though most of the accuracy errors have been improved in the latest mechanical watches.

-Environmental Factors

            Moisture, water, dust, magnets, hits, and shocks; do make some level of damage to the watches. But the internal machinery is highly improved in all recent watches, to make it more resistant to environmental factors.

  1. Quartz


There’s a bunch out there. It’s the most commonly used watch; most affordable. The Quartz crystal helps in giving the accurate time. It’s easy to use; but the very average kind of watch.

It does not have a mainspring; runs on a battery. The battery sends electricity to quartz crystal through the IC. It makes the crystal vibrate at the rate of 32,768 per second. To the stepping motor, then to the dial train, which moves the hand. Since it involves electric pulse, it has the infamous “tik tik tik” sound. And hops every second rather than smooth movement.

The battery, quartz crystal, and the accuracy makes it more reliable. So the quartz movement is used in sports and field watches. The high designs are quite costly.

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            The most accurate among the different watches. Time is mostly not lost here.


            It ticks ticks and ticks for quite a long. It stands through the shock. Since it does not have much weight, it lasts a bit longer.


            Change your batteries as and when, that should do. Not a complicated maintenance procedure.


Quartz, battery, and IC make it affordable. This makes it easily available.


Give it a thought


            It has no smooth movement like the mechanical. If you have ever seen the mechanical movement, you would opt for Mechanical.

-Not glamorous

            Yes, it is plain; even the customizations and designer watches are no match for the Mechanical. They don’t afford the craftsmanship that a Mechanical Watch offers.

  1. Automatic


The automatic watches are the cousin of Mechanical Watches. Automatic watches are  infamously called “Self-winding watches.” They share traits with its elder cousin, Mechanical. The sweeping movement remains the same; its smooth.

It has a rotor, that helps in winding the watch automatically. It winds while worn on the wrist. If put down for some days, it must be wound back manually. The rotor is connected to mainspring and rotor winds the mainspring as it moves.

There are watch winders available, only for wounding the watch. When you have to take the watch off eventually, you can place them in the watch winders. And it keeps the watch and time intact.  

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-No wounding

            No wounding required but has the looks of a Mechanical. It’s a blast though.

The other traits are like it’s cousin, Mechanical

Give it a thought

-Watch Winder

            Needs to be stored in a watch winder, when not in use.rapport-tetra-carbon-fiber-single-automatic-watch-winder-box-w147

The Mechanical and automatic are more into craftsmanship. Quartz is normal.

My personal choice is a Mechanical Watch. It stands the test of time.

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