Women’s Loves Calvin Klein Watches why?


‘Youthful’ and ‘understated’ are the two words used by Calvin Klein, the founder, when he opened his store in New York, and there are certainly no other words that describe the brand better than these. It is undoubtedly one of the prominent names in the fashion industry, known for its minimal aesthetic that appeals to a range of styles and tastes. Calvin Klein watches especially for women can be described as bold and sensual as well as provocative and progressive. 

From the minimal designs to its stark solid colors, everything makes it one of the must-have watch brands in the world for women. It’s the stylish body, and simple designs make every Calvin Klein watch a statement piece. cK watches were first for many different kinds, that made a huge difference in the fashion industry. cK offers a wide range of beautiful` work of art collections to choose from, so, here we have listed down a few personal favorites that will leave you stunned.


Don’t go by the looks. This elegant timepiece looks delicate, but its sturdy 30mm case is water-resistant to 30m. The steel-and-white look of the watch makes it the perfect fashion accessory that you could pair up with anything and everything. It is a classic cK watch for women that shouts sophistication and gracefulness.



This CK watch screams sensuality. The structured strap that is made to rest on your wrist with graceful style. This watch is a classic example of minimalism, the rose gold and black PVD of the watch gives it a sensual appeal that will complement a trouser as well it will a cocktail dress.



It beautifully exhibits the geometry of designs and the fluid lines that cK as a brand grew into. This Calvin Klein watch for women is meant to be snapped on your wrist like a graceful and delicate bangle that is crafted in steel.

The 34mm steel case is water-resistant up to 30m, and it is complemented with steely hues of the hands and the dial. It is by far one of the most minimalistic and beautiful looking timepieces by Calvin Klein for women. This is the perfect fashion accessory that will step your game at any party.




This cK watch showcases the smart use of color block in a fashion accessory as small as 39mm in diameter, with just a delicate strap attached to it. The secondary hues surrounding it on the sides of the dial and the case, while the colour clock extends through the middle of the case in line with the strap in colour. This Calvin Klein watch for women is the epitome of fashion and technology.


High Noon

Calvin Klein’s High Moon is one of its kinds. This unisex watch is what cK stands for, minimalism. It is a statement piece in black with sleek gold-hued accents. The 40mm case is water-resistant to 30m, and it comes in a black PVD-treated steel case.

The pebble-like structure of the case is further complemented by its curved mineral crystal glass that comes with a black leather strap. This is Calvin Klein watch can go with anything, from business attire to casuals, it is a must-have fashion accessory.



The name says it all. This unisex cK watch presents a clean look for those who appreciate a bold look. Calvin Klein’s Minimal 40mm watches that are up to 30m water-resistant are the perfect companion for all your night outs. The mesh strap that is attached to the PVD-treated case adds just the right amount of sensual touch to your look.

Calvin Klein watches are one of their kinds. They represent everything that it is bold, understated and the individualistic attitude of the brand. It is one of the few labels that is a must-have for every woman. It is a brand that celebrates womanhood and has something to offer for all kinds of women out there.


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